HTECH.ONE uses a renewable scientific process called hydrolysis as well as solar electrolyzers to make green hydrogen gas.


The HTECH.ONE hydrolysis process uses only recycled aluminum based nanogalvanic alloy and water.


Aluminum based nanogalvanic alloys refer to a class of nanostructured metal powders that spontaneously and rapidly produce hydrogen gas upon contact with water as a result of a galvanic metal microstructure. It serves as a low cost, efficient and clean process for making green hydrogen gas.


The significant advantage of hydrolysis of aluminum based nanogalvanic alloy and water is being able to produce on-site and on-demand hydrogen gas at room temperature without relying on any other chemicals, catalysts, or externally supplied power.


HTECH One Co. Ltd.  patent pending hydrolysis process gives them an industry advantage to produce low cost, zero carbon, sustainable, on demand hydrogen gas for industrial applications, transportation fuel and electricity generation and requires no hydrogen gas transportation or storage costs.